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I am not sure when this dream began. A romantic desire to drive from Australia to England – arm out the car window, dust, shimmering horizons –  has been simmering away for an age. Then life bursts open with marriage and children and all priorities change. But then it crept back with a different motivation. It wasn’t about us anymore. We wanted to open our daughters minds and to create an event that would be locked in our collective memories – that would be a reference point for us as a family. “Do you remember the time when…”

We also wanted to show our children how beautiful this world is. It’s not the depressing, pessimistic, hate filled world you see creeping into your room through the evening news. We see and hear the bad stuff but the world is filled with a whole lot more of the people who want to live and love and create a safe, peaceful, optimistic world for their own children.

So here we go – the five of us (Matt, Mel, Tully, Ellie & Zoe for those we don’t know) from Australia to England overland. Drive from Melbourne to Darwin via Sydney. Fly from Darwin to Dili then turn left. Hopefully we will turn up in England about a year later. If we don’t then we may have just stopped and set up life in the South of Spain.

Here’s to the road less travelled.


  1. Hi Mat, Mel, Tully, Ellie, and Zoe. The road less travelled is mindful and challenging and I am delighted you have chosen to share that ethos with your wonderful girls. I look forward to reading about your experiences and vicariously enjoying them! Or biting my nails in trepidation! Nanine and I keep talking about the time we were with you in Newcastle on Tyne. Mat, you were the baby. So good to see you keeping that childlike curiosity alive. Love always, Auntie Kath.

  2. Hi Zoe Sarah has still got her mail box,if you come visit Newport Lakes, and you have something for Sarah you can
    post it.I love you!! I miss you so much!!!!!! My mum said that when you get home we can have a play date at my house.
    Your my friend! Do you like being on a trip around the world? Are you having fun? Those questions are ease.Where on
    holidays, today Saffron is coming to my house,she just came back from Italy.Love from Lily.

  3. Amazing adventure you guys! You will grow and learn so much about each other and the wide world. We just spent a year living in Spain with our kids and travelling all over. It was life changing. Our blog was called ouryearinspain.com
    Looking forward to following your adventures .

    • Thanks Bianca! Nice to have you along for the ride. Petri mentioned the blog but he didn’t send the name so I will look it up.. Matt

  4. Beautiful adventure in a beautiful world. Beautiful family. Enjoy the experience. We are reading your words and feeling you savour it. Thank you for sharing…. It’s inspiring. X

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