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  1. I’m curled up in the afternoon sun in NSW reading through your posts. You two create such pictures with your words. Joy. So inspiring. Xxxx

  2. We are looking down the barrel of a renovation and at every turn we wonder if we shouldn’t instead be following in your inspirational foot steps. I really should not have read your posts before work…thanks for sharing. Be safe. The Nicho’s

  3. Your Mum and Dad we’re telling me this morning about your wonderful experiences.

  4. Keep it coming! Loving your musings! Good reminders for me to chill the hell out and enjoy what is. The pictures are simply beautiful and tell their own story. Lots of Love and thanks for the inspiration! x

  5. Thanks for your amazing blog! I’m from the UK and am reading this in New Zealand as im on an 8 month travel trip and have type 1 diabetes too. We are heading to Asia next so your tips for this are great. Love how you sum up your adventures and the challenges that go with it. I’ve just been white water rapid sledging this morning and was laughing having been in the same boat. My blog is above, it’s just small and for friends and family back home really but it might make you laugh too 🙂 take care and enjoy! Look forward to hearing more about your adventures! Anna

    • Hi Anna nice to have you along for the ride. I am glad the blog is of some use! How are the travels going? It’s funny how manageable the diabetes actually is overseas. More fear than reality I think. I will have a read of your adventures. Travel well. Matt

  6. Hi family,
    Twelve years ago we did a similar family trip across Australia with our four little guys then aged five to nine and they still talk about it today.
    My buddy and I leave in 6 weeks time to drive from Gibraltar to Australia and hopefully our paths will cross in due course.
    You Tube “Paul Moody Gibraltar” for our story

    Have fun Paul and remember “He who travels far knows much”

  7. Hi Mel & Matt
    your travel stories make for very interesting reading.
    I thought we had tackled a lot of journeys with our three but they were not as adventurous as yours are turning out to be.
    Looking forward to reading about Russia.
    Love Bev

  8. Thanks for your insight into traveling with Type 1 Diabetes! My son was diagnosed at age 9 almost 1 year ago. We’ve learned a lot as we begin our journey with a new “normal”. I happened upon your blog while researching traveling overseas with Type 1 Diabetes. We’re taking our first overseas trip next month since our son was diagnosed and I want to be prepared (I’m a planner and like to be ready for any bump in the road). Thanks for your notes. We’re just traveling between the US and the UK, so I don’t expect to have the challenges of travel in the Orient.

    • Hi Tracy
      Thanks for getting in touch. I must admit I have not been diligent enough of late with practical information about travelling with T1 – but I will get onto that! I honestly feel that the fear and concern before you even take the first step is far greater than any possible fear or concern you feel when travelling or on the road. I am in awe of parents managing children with T1 – it must be the hardest job in the world so good on you for still getting out there. You will have no problems at all. The hardest bit will be the flights. DONT order the diabetic meals as they are terrible – and jet lag makes a mess of knowing when you should take your basal insulin. But if you just accept that things will be on a roller coaster for 2-3 days then its usually fine. Before this trip I did a lot of international business travel and knowing what “time” it was for my insulin regime was a little confusing. You do get good at maths though…constantly adding and subtracting timezone hours! Good luck. Actually you don’t need luck at all. Plan well (as it sounds like you do) and you will sail through.
      Take care

  9. We are back home in Wales after our weeks in France where we met you briefly on the beach and at the campsite. I have now had time to look at your blog….so great to have met you, it makes the entries and musings on the blog of your fantastic journey even more poignant. I have a couple of photos I took of the surf, one of Mat’s waves that I could send you. You must now be in Spain or Portugal which must be wonderful at this time of year. It is rather autumnal here, we have even had to light a fire! Best wishes to you all. Anna.

    • Hi Anna, how wonderful to hear from you! Sorry we didn’t get a chance to say goodbye. I was sorry we didn’t get your contact details but look, here you are. Thanks for getting in touch. We’d love to see the photos, I’ll email you. The girls are still loving the paints, in fact would rather be painting than walking the streets of the Leon old town. Spain is lovely although colder than France. We haven’t had to sit in front of a fire yet, just put jeans on. Hope you are settling in to school again. Lovely to meet you and Jem. Keep in touch, Mel

  10. In 18 months around the world … We had a few words on Fusina Camping Venezia yesterday and this morning before we went back home to Austria. I was greatly impressed when I saw your amazing family cooking, playing, reading, writing … in front of your tent on the cold evening after your boat trip to Venice yesterday, Matt warming up his feet in the wash room … And I saw you again this morning – preparing breakfast with your gloves on, the girls reading, Mel having time for a short chat and then giving me your blog-address. I just started to have a look at your blogs and would like to congratulate you on your comments and your fotos. I’m looking forward to your blogs on your way to Ireland before you will return to “down under”. I wish you all the best! Heinz

    • Heinz, thank you so much for your email. I am touched that you have looked at the blog and sorry we didn’t have longer to chat. Keep in touch, it was lovely to meet you. Kinds regards, Mel

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