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Matt and I have been planning this trip, literally, for years.

Three years after we decided to go, we told our families.

Eighteen months ago, when we could say we’re going ‘next year’ –  we starting putting it out there. The girls started telling their friends and we started talking about it as fact. “When we go ….” One of the most interesting things has been people’s reactions. Many think we’re mad, some can’t think of anything they would want to do less! Some hone straight in on one element – home schooling, the money, the gear – maybe because the journey as a whole is too big to contemplate. We have been called crazy, naive, radical, ambitious. We have also had the most wonderful and heartfelt support from so many! So much excitement from friends and strangers who hear about the trip and can imagine what the girls will learn and experience and what we, as a family, will take from it.

I have learnt not to take offence at the nay-sayers. They don’t make me doubt our plan like they did 12 months ago. I know that many of those reactions come from people’s own fears, and they are not personal. I do take strength from all the excitement and encouragement we get from so many others and hope that, through this blog, we can share the journey in some small way with those who have been so supportive. Maybe we can take some of the impossibility out of an undertaking like this too, for anyone who can can’t see how it could be done.

The fact is that I think we have to be a little bit crazy and a little bit naive to do what we’re going to do. But I’m OK with that.


  1. Go Mel. Nice post. It doesn’t matter what negativity is directed towards the trip, those people aren’t going, and they never would. It’ll just be you guys and the positive energy that we’re going to send along with you. There aren’t enough superlatives to describe what you’re gonna get out of this experience. I wish we had the guts to do it, I really do…maybe London 2015…

  2. I think a bit of crazy, a bit of naive, and a bit of brave/adventurous/amazing parents wanting to share the incredible-ness on offer in the world with their children…all bits are good things and add up to inspiring and fabulous friends.

    It’s been entertaining watching the lead up and although I hate to see you go, I for one am sooooo looking forward to seeing and hearing about the adventures.

  3. Hi! you crazy bunch!
    Life’d be boring as … without these bold goings-on! On he subject of ‘a little bit crazy’, my Thai hairdresser cuts my hair like that sometimes. It took me a minute to understand what he meant because he said it like this. ‘Riddy bit casey?’
    Oh yes please!

  4. isn’t that the best way to live your life, and have amazing reactions to your experiences? a bit crazy (we crazies like to stick together) and a bit naive (how else do you see things in extraordinary ways?). couldn’t be more thrilled for you…and jealous!!!

  5. Great post Mel! Think we all need a little craziness … somehow it keeps us sane 🙂

  6. Not at all crazy, just expanding 5 persons lives, done with imagination and organisation and a strong thoughtful team of two leaders just pouring the world in to three little sponges.

  7. Mel, I think you guys are brilliant, not crazy. Reading your home page gave me tingles and brought tears to my eyes. You will have the most amazing adventure, I think it’s such a gift to give your children. x

  8. I don’t think you’re crazy Mel & Matt! I think you’re a little bit sane. The Lessers will be following your journey as it unfolds. All the best @ bon voyage!

  9. I jumped on the bandwagon a little late, trying to pace myself here as I start at the beginning. So looking forward to reading all about your adventures. I am already jealous but totally thrilled for you all. Jo x

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