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We are really on the way now.

After 10 days in London in which we sold the van and all our kit, fitted ourselves out with glamrags for the Irish wedding, been to the theatre and Ripley’s Odditarium, enjoyed the Christmas lights in Carnaby Street and made lanterns for the local lantern parade, we are moving again. On rails. We were so very lucky to have Matts cousins house in which to stay. I doubt Ben and Laura will ever truely know how much it has meant to us and how much easier these last days have been because of that space. It was a real gift. And as the luck of the universe would have it, the house was merely a mile from the cousin with whom the girls played when we were first in London. So sleepovers and play dates have been a highlight in the past week.

Everything has been stuffed into cases and packs and yes, that is three pillow pets (the kids pillows from the van that become pets by day) that can be seen in the photo. Don’t ask!

We can’t quite believe it. Matt and I have talked about what coming home will be like, with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. The end. Well, we will see very soon.

We have just boarded the 9.10 train from Euston station to Holyhead in Wales. Thankfully I asked the man at the information booth which platform we would be leaving from 5 minutes before it appeared on the board. We were already walking towards one of only two available carriages when I looked back and saw a wall of people surging along the platform. I felt a grip of fear. “If we don’t get on now – with our suitcases, backpacks and surfboard – we’ll be swamped!” Thankfully a kind man from Virgin Trains recognised our plight and lent us a hand.

So here we sit, English countryside passing as a green blur, each mile taking us closer to home.

Merry Christmas everyone. May the day bring you closer to loved ones and the coming year be full of adventures, big and small.


  1. It has been fun and very interesting reading Two Roads, well done all, of you.
    Enjoy the wedding and have a very happy Christmas and may 2016 be a good one for you all.

  2. Nice pack Mel!
    Remember it comes with a lifetime warranty……….
    Well done to you all – fantastic achievement.
    Merry Christmas from Pete, Jen, James, Will and Lucy!

  3. OMG You feel nervous. I squealed when I saw Zoe and the luggage. You guys have conquered the world. Together you can do anything. Trepidation not necessary. Excitement for the next chapter in your very rich lives rather
    Love/peace /joy/happiness and a lot of fun for you all for Christmas.
    XXxxx Chris Mum grandma

  4. Thank you for taking me on this amazing adventure with you Mel & Matt! I will miss reading your musings when you get back to Oz but will be excited to see you all. Merry Christmas. xx

  5. Oohh! Excited to welcome you back! Changed though you must be, I reckon I’ll still love you heaps! So there’s nuthin’ to worry about on that front. 🙂 I dreamt you all stopped in unannounced one soon summer day – it was a happy, screamy dream. Will miss your writing though, must you stop? See you in a minute Melsy, Matt and your not-so-little-anymore girls! xxx

  6. I wish you a Merry Christmas, a safe journey home and a perfect new start in Melbourne! Thank you for your great blogs.
    All the best – Heinz (from Austria)

  7. So happy for you all to have shared such an amazing time together. Congratulations to you both on having made it happen, for your resilience, fortitude and determination. I’m sure the sense of wonder, discovery and excitement which led you on this adventure will remain with you always when you are back in the land of Oz. Savour those lasts. Can’t wait to have you back, although I think you’ll have to keep publishing your musings. Many blessings for a wonderful Christmas and a happy 2016 filled with love, laughter and fun with family and friends. Much love Quinnie, huge hugs to you all

  8. Wow, another remarkable transition: moving in your chosen direction but experiencing the awful trek through that no-man’s-land of neither adventure nor home, as foreign and unsettling. The first whiff of eucalyptus on a hot summer’s day will set everything right! :0). Thank you for sharing your beautiful, insightful and inspiring journey. Merry, merry Christmas, Gorgeous Five!

  9. Amazing !! Just amazing. I still have so many posts to catch up on, but it really felt like this might go on forever… Hard to believe you are coming home! Have a great Xmas and be assured that you are about to complete the most amazing experience you could ever have wished for for you and your girls. It will have changed them in ways that will stay with them forever.

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