Driving Dreams

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Press play on the song below and step into my mind…

It’s hard to explain why road trips are so powerful. They always have been. So here is a taste of what runs through my mind. Mel is always alerting me to the fact that I shape these notions of what I want an event to be like and then I set about creating that event. Brilliant if it all comes off. Not so brilliant if that dreamy, hair across the eyes, arm out the window, sunset and dust moment is interrupted by a flat tyre or screaming child.

This song brings me close to some sort of peak moment. Add the fact my wife and journey mate is sitting next to me. Add to that these three little lives, all wide eyed and trusting. Sometimes arguing, sometimes alone in their own thoughts, sometimes singing along to this song. Often just being. I stare out the window as the lines rush past. 110kmh and there is wind and noise and open fields of Australian browns and greens. Distant hills and I look back in the mirror and one of the three will look at me and smile. Wide eyes full of anticipation. They’re probably thinking of the Gold Coast theme parks but in my mind they get it. They are off, flying and dreaming along with me all the way from suburban Melbourne to the English channel.

God love them…..


  1. Bless! It’s going to be an explosion to the senses – mum, dad and the three babes. It will forever bond, ye.

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