The Ripple Effect

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There is a beautiful consequence of this trip (beyond the obvious beauty we will see and experience). That is the ripple effect.

We had been talking about the trip as a family for ages but every conversation with the kids was started with “IF we do this…” and finished with “IF we actually go…” Then one day we finally  committed and the process was commenced by allowing the kids to tell their school friends. We knew that this would start a cascade of questions and reactions.

Sure enough it began the day after we let then loose with the news. The parents in the play ground, the friends, the people we didn’t even know. All coming up with a shocked look on their face and an opinion.

The spectrum of reactions we have received is worthy of its own musing so I will write about it later but one beautiful unexpected consequence has been the ripple effect. Once word got out some other friends were spurred on to  commence their own round Australia trip – quitting jobs and security. Another with similar plans was spurred on to set dates and commitments. Some friends offered to drive our car back from Darwin on their own adventure. And the moment I told one of my clients about it, she described her jealous wistful reaction and then how that turned into a fire in the belly and a conversation with her husband about finally taking the trip they have dreamed about for decades.

I love the fact that one action causes several reactions. Whether you call it Newtons laws emerging in the human world or just more evidence of the connectivity of all things. I love it. One journey causing disruption and energy  in other peoples journeys. And on and on and on….


  1. Yesthe ripple effect goes beyond. People who don’t know you guys have been asking about your trip. Thanks for inspiring us, Rel

  2. know what you mean . forging a path. The path may be excitingly nyeckie because the group is so unique. We wait in expectation.

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